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Immerwährender 365 Tage Tischkalender mit stabilem Karton-Aufsteller
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I Just Can't Get You Out Of My Head – 365 catchy tunes
  • Daily song lines for inspiration, from evergreens to chart breakers.
  • Typographic inspiration: The best and selected fonts to match the year the songs were released.
  • Background information and date references on the back.
  • A colorful mix of music to accompany and touch life.
  • With the SPOTIFY codes on the calendar page you can play your favorite albums anywhere and immediately.

Music is the message! A new song line every day.
As colorful and varied as life.

Evergreens, smash hits, one-hit wonders, catchy tunes, golden Oldies, all-time favorites or chart breakers – they all have unique lyrics to offer. This creates mottos that can inspire, touch or motivate us every day: sometimes to think, sometimes to sing along. Each calendar page is designed exclusively with the fonts designed in the year the song was released.

Front: Each song quote has its corresponding Spotify link for immediate listening. Back: There is the most important information about all songs and an exciting short text about the respective date.

“Always just a handful of words – but they open up a whole world every time.”

– Smudo (about Songspiration)