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Taking inspiration from photographic pioneers such as Karl Blossfeldt and snowflakes photographer Wilson ­Bentley, as well as Japanese floral artist Makoto Azuma, Andy Warhol or even Pedro Almodóvar, this calendar is based on over 10,000 stunning floral close-ups.

The photos remind us that while beauty is primarily something natural, it also has a fleeting quality. They reveal rarely noticed details that are full of architectural sophistication and filigree splendor. Each shot is a striking piece of art.

The perpetual calendar is also a small work of art in terms of printing technology. Bound by hand, provided with a black color cut and with high-quality lacquer finish. The limited edition is available now! Only while stocks last.

ISBN: 9783946688839

Erscheinungsdatum: 1. August 2020

Herausgeber: Oliver Seltmann, Nicolas Mériel

Fotografie: Nicolas Mériel

Gestaltung: Sandro Heindel

Sprache: Englisch

Maße: 8,8 cm x 10,7 cm

Seiten: 370

Verarbeitung: Tischkalender, mit Hochglanz-Lack veredelt, inkl. Papieraufsteller und Sammlerbox