Joab Nist

Notes of Berlin 2024

Tischkalender mit stabilem Karton-Aufsteller
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Get the street back into your house!

  • Daily dose of Berlin street life: 365 new, curious note highlights in the “Notes of Berlin 2024” calendar.
  • Experience everyday life in Berlin up close: neighborhood disputes, theft, love and more in the 9th edition.
  • A look behind the scenes in the capital: Bring the paperwork into your house and laugh at the finds.
  • Creative and cryptic stories: Discover the award-winning tear-off calendar with real Berlin flair.
  • Pure diversity: From leopards to escaped unicorns – the strange stories fascinate every day of the year 2024.

The award-winning cult blog about Berlin's paperwork will be published again in 2024 as a tear-off calendar. In the 9th edition you will once again find 365 new, entertaining, creative or cryptic note highlights from everyday street life in the capital. The finds tell of neighborhood disputes, theft, love and all sorts of curiosities such as leopards and escaped unicorns.


Die Sprache der Hauptstadt! 🗯️

Unterhaltsame, kreative oder kryptische Zettel-Highlights aus dem Straßenalltag der Hauptstadt.