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Tischkalender mit stabilem Karton-Aufsteller
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The lovingly typographed calendar presents us with a thought-provoking quote for every day in 2024. Funny, profound, clever, sometimes melancholic, short or long. Philosophers, musicians, artists, but also anonymous finds from the Internet, everything is possible. From Amy Winehouse, Adorno to Andy Warhol and Zappa! The main thing is that it encourages you to think, pause and reflect.

The quotes all come from the archive of the well-known and popular radioeins Denkpause. Radioeins listeners have been starting their day with her for a good twenty years. The column can be heard daily on the morning show “Der Schöne Morgen” or on radioeins. de, Instagram and Facebook: #pause for thought. Known from radioeins #denkpause