Rainer Wahnsinn

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Germany's most famous actors such as Hannelore Elsner, Christiane Hörbiger, Anna Loos, Götz George, Armin Rohde, Jürgen Vogel, Jan Josef Liefers, portray fictitious namesakes, whose wordplay is staged and photographed becomes. Examples of these ambiguities are Manni Fest, Ernst Haft, Klaus Trophobie, Theo Loge or Phil Harmonie, Claire Grube, Lotta Bett, Moni Tor, Anna Conda or Meta Morphose.


Well-known, internationally working photographers such as Esther Haase, Christian Schwarzenberg, Joachim Baldauf, Martin Pudenz, Thomas Rusch, Olaf Blecker, Oliver Mark, Alexander Gnädinger give these works their signature.
All actors, photographers and everyone involved waived their fees and worked for this project free of charge. All proceeds will be donated to the German Cancer Aid e.V. and will benefit the bone marrow transplant center at the University Hospital of Hamburg.