The Famous Die Young

Hochwertige Box mit Abreiß-Kalender, stabilem Karton-Aufsteller und Beiheft
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The Famous Die Young - A calendar with 365 icons and their short life stories.

Good stories are sometimes not without a certain tragedy. And what seems more tragic than a premature death?

Every day of the year, the tear-off calendar tells the inspiring life story of an icon who died too young. Whether James Dean, Joan of Arc or Friedrich Schiller - the sudden death of these heroes shocks posterity. The protagonists are pioneers in their field, true geniuses, courageous inventors, celebrated stars, fallen heroes, brave fighters, impoverished thinkers, extraordinary sports aces and exceptional musical talents. An illustrious circle of true legends who achieve great things at a young age and push the boundaries of their time.

365 days of death, 365 types of death, 365 excitingly told biographies. The entertaining daily calendar plays with the fascination of tragic, sometimes ludicrous deaths. A must for anyone looking for that daily dose of motivation.