Jean Mierecke


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Walls become pictures - walls that we encounter in London, Rome, Marrakesh, New York, Berlin, Hong Kong, Paris, Havana or anywhere in the middle of the countryside. It's not about walls that were designed as "facades" for an external effect, but only about the other - the unnoticed - walls that are left to themselves because their "effect" doesn't matter. While one does not believe and assign any effect to such walls and does not invest (anymore) in their appearance, they unfold their own, naturally grown effect. This basic motive - this kind of reality - is a theme of the pictures.

The wall picture series reflects the function and myth of the wall. A wall serves to protect not only against impact and access, but also against views from the outside. It hides a sensory impression. It overrides a perceptual image by putting another perception in its place. "Seen" in this way, the wall possesses a metaphysics in the most immediate meaning of the word. She offers a visible appearance and at the same time her invisible secret.

The book leads us along walls that form their own dramaturgy, which line up motif after motif in lively alternation, regardless of the cities from which they come. It is not the local atmosphere that is captured, but the facial expressions of the wall, which is always unique. Therefore, the walls are not located by verbal designations. Each wall is its own place. Each picture is its own world. And each motif provided inspiration in a unique moment, not an illustration, but an image.