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Sarah Eick

100 places in berlin

Hardcover book with 100 postcards
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One hundred photos of well-known and little-known Berlin places – always unpopulated – to send in postcard format. Hardly ever seen Berlin like this.

"Iconographic images from Berlin are well known and in different tonalities: Sarah Eick now succeeds in the great feat that still demands admiration even from Urberliner:innen who have seen a great many photographs of their home- town: her photos undoubtedly reproduce Berlin motifs, but at the same time they are works of a great, translocal, abstract-poetic quality. Peculiarly contextless, almost like UFOs, the familiar buildings and city views appear. Without any form of historicizing or nostalgic pathos, Eick gives them great dignity. Even a snack booth looks sublime in her work.“ – Tanja Dückers, writer, publicist and art historian

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ISBN: 978-3-949070-14-3

Date of publication: 1. Juni 2022

Editor: Oliver Seltmann

Author: Sarah Eick

Photography: Sarah Eick

Language: Englisch, Deutsch

Dimensions: 15 cm x 11 cm

Pages: 100

Processing: Hardcover book with 100 postcards