Softcover, Fadenbindung
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Photography is probably the only thing that was strictly forbidden in Bar 25. And for a good reason. Season after season, behind the unadorned wall of a derelict building niche on the banks of the Spree, a colorful crowd gathered, whose disguises and paintings were not an expression of style or coolness, but a sign of freedom and vulnerability. The result is an expressive documentation of a unique microcosm. A detailed portrait of an experience institution and its protagonists.

Beyond party photography and nightlife hedonism, Carolin Saage shows real-poetic parallel worlds, unreal personalities and foggy details. Thus, it not only depicts a place, but also an elusive and unique attitude to life in Berlin in the noughties.

25/7, like the bar itself, is a small miracle: stunning nature shots of a secret tribe celebrating letting go. Consciously holding on to nothing. Because whoever can remember wasn't there. Good thing Saage had everyone's trust. And her dear, amazing eye.