Bebra Curiosa

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A visit to the Bebra city archive provided the initial impetus for the BEBRA CURIOSA project: Axel Beyer saw the model of the city hall in a glass case in subdued light. This special atmosphere of interior and miniature wonderland fascinated him. At home he then explored the model potential of the Bebra pictures he had taken over the years. He began combining interior and exterior views into new compositions.

A series with curious panoramas and claustrophobic rooms grew, which emphasize this place in a special way. The bizarre atmosphere of these visual illusions contrasts with the special climate of this real place. The small town of Bebra is located in the middle of Germany and is known to most people as a railway hub. Gigantic tracks are reminiscent of the great times. At the end of the 1980s, Bebra lost increasing importance, also under the influence of reunification. At that time, the satirist Matthias Horx coined the term "Bebraism" in his essay "Endstation Bebra" and described the symbols of philistinism in it.

The book is one of the three winners of the international Photobook Festival Kassel 2010