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Dynamism, toughness, drama, nostalgia, sweat, stories of heroes and defeats as well as a touch of wickedness - the world of boxing attracts many photographers, writers and the supposedly better society. Women have long asserted themselves in this male domain and expand boxing with their own feminine touch. The photographer Anja Schori boxes herself and takes part in competitions. So it made sense to approach your own sport with a camera.

First she wanted to photograph male trainers, but "it doesn't work so well with the men". So she turned the camera on her fellow women and training partners. She self-confidently emphasizes the feminine in her photographs, in her magazine “Box” she mixes documentary boxing scenes with fashionable staging, reality with fiction, black and white with colour, sharpness with blur. It's about boxing, yes, but the black eye can also appear here in the form of an eye patch worn by an attractive woman with brunette hair.

Anja Schori is the winner of the GEtPublished Awards 2010, FOTOBUCHTAGE 2010. Anja Schori also won the BFF Förderpreis 2009

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