Die Sweeten

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Philosophical world explanation models with colored pencils

THE SWEETEN are two adorable rabbits on their quest for happiness. Lovingly arranged, they master the high art of modern love between techno and daydreams. Whether lounging comfortably on the sofa or hanging out at the bar, the sweethearts swerve, change perspectives and jump over abysses. Football, cheating, sunsets, every topic is welcome and worth a new look at for the two rabbits. The playfully tangled drawings sometimes get so out of hand that they are only held together by the viewer's imagination. Each page is essentially a work of art in itself.

THE SWEETERS: Unpredictable texts sketched with an unpredictable line. Psychedelic, wacky, funny. A handy anthology of contemporary humor. By the Hamburg copywriter Gepa Hinrichsen.

"I can't see any rabbits with the best will in the world!"
- Rocko Schamoni