Hardcover, Fadenbindung
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Egypt in the mirror of timelessness


The photographer Loic Bréard has dedicated his new book to Egypt. Over the past ten years he has explored the land on the Nile on numerous trips from Alexandria via Cairo and the temples of Luxor and Karnak to the small Nubian villages south of Aswan. His analogue photographed black and white impressions seem to have fallen out of time. They do not reveal their topicality. They are a mirror of history and tradition, they reveal the essence, the interior of an ancient cultural people.


Loïc Bréard, who works with an analog Leica M6, has preserved much of the photographic secret with black and white film. He has a special gift for pictorial compositions. He intuitively grasps lines and the play of light and shadow, which gives his pictures an artistic touch and characteristic imagery that puts him in line with historical models. The photographs invite a very personal exploration of a country that remains a mystery to Westerners, just as the construction of the pyramids will remain a mystery to researchers for a long time.


Loïc Bréard creates a monument to the people of the country with his pictures: dignity and respect are reflected in their faces, but also Egypt's long, proud history.