Endlich erfunden

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A collection of inventions finally invented!

No matter how crazy, complex, real or ingenious: Heinz Frei's life is all about inventions. For more than 20 years he has been working on his own novelties in his "inventors' house" in the middle of the city of Zurich and collects ideas from inventor friends. The trained architect checks these for feasibility, adds slogans to them and prepares them graphically in order to present them to potential investors.

"I see myself as an intermediary between the inventors and investors, to enable the newly born ideas to find their way into the world," explains Frei. Over the years, these projects have resulted in a colorful collection of ideas, all of which reflect the spirit of the times - and are often even a step ahead of them. "Finally invented" offers an insight into the 20-year work of Heinz Frei and his inventor friends and takes us into a world in which no problem seems unsolvable.