Hardcover, Fadenbindung
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Unmistakable beauty and diversity

Since 1998, Jan C. Schlegel has been traveling regularly to remote places that are largely cut off from tourism and the western world. On his tours, the artist observed the rapid disappearance of traditions and the increasing change in people's lifestyles as a result of globalization. The unstoppable changes awakened in the photographer an urgent desire to portray people, capture impressions and preserve the traditional ways of life of these tribes in his pictures. Schlegel often spent weeks with his assistant in a tribe in order to get to know and understand the habits of life. Only in this way did he gain the confidence to create images with the desired closeness and intimacy.

He has traveled to over 60 countries in recent years, always in search of the unmistakable beauty and diversity of the people. His compositions, the strongly contrasting play of light and shadow, the inner strength and extraordinary perspectives provide a glimpse of the hidden cultural wealth of this world, which is becoming increasingly rare to find. Schlegel not only creates artistic photographs, but also documents and preserves unique works of art in his pictures - the people themselves.