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The body as a work of art

Almost 40 muscular men stand half naked in front of a dozen mirrors. One critically flexes his massive biceps, while another has two attendants making final touches with a spread-on tanning product. An old hand collects himself in a kind of meditation, a young hopper meticulously checks the fit of his posing panties. A mix of smells from aftershave, sweat and lots of testosterone is in the air. It's about to go out onto the big stage.

For this book, Firat Kara asked himself what people can do with their bodies and with what zeal they go about their work. He is not only interested in massive bodies, but also in the people in them. At international and national events, in studios and open-air facilities, he captured their inner drive in rare snapshots. Especially before the shows, he managed to discover the personalities behind the muscle mountains.