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The Art of Punk Covers

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Revolution in a square – Vinyl-Artwork of PUNK & NEW WAVE: the 70s to today.

Vinyl records and record stores are currently experiencing a revival, and so the artfully designed covers of the past decades are coming back to consciousness, presenting real music and design history in an inspiring way.

For this tear-off calendar we have picked 365 of the most legendary PUNK + NEW WAVE covers from the 1970s and 1980s! Discover every day a unique Punk-, Gothic-, New Wave-, Ska- or NDW-Cover. An absolute must-have for all punk music and art lovers.

And the blast: with the printed SPOTIFY Codes, you can "listen" to any album anywhere and immediately.

+Technische Daten

ISBN: 978-3-946688-63-1

Date of publication: 15. September 2019

Editor: Oliver Seltmann

Photography: Bernd Jonkmanns

Design: Stefan Küstner, Sandro Heindel

Language: Englisch

Dimensions: 11,5 cm x 16 cm

Pages: 370

Processing: Tischkalender mit stabilem Karton-Aufsteller