Visuell Analytische Synthese

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Thomas Kellner, who began using contact sheets to create a unique method for his works of art in 1997, can now look back on a long artistic career. If you reflect on the years of his work, it is not just exhibitions that stand out. In addition to the visual viewing as the primary goal of a work of art and the oral exchange about what is seen, the written word also solidifies in art. Publications belong to image collections and legally reproduce the history of art and artists. On the occasion of collecting and sorting all the literature about Thomas Kellner, which ranges from monographs to special publications and records the history of the artist and his pictures, a publication was created that specifically addresses the unmistakable and success-based basic structure of his works of art.


The “Visual Analytical Synthesis” as described by Dr. Irina Chmyreva describes it as “translating a pure image into a conceptual reorganization of the elements” through a conversion of the proportions and relationships to the natural environment, a re-composition through Kellner’s contact sheets. Dr. Yi-hui Huang describes it like this: “His process breaks up the given structure with one hand and puts parts together with the other. In the simultaneous fragmentation and unification, a loose, still invisible bond is created that creates an impression of movement."

Thomas Kellner has been following this artistic method for as long as he has written about it. About the artist: Thomas Kellner (Bonn 1966) is a German photographic artist known for his photographs of dancing buildings and interiors from around the world. Kellner has been working with the artistic possibilities of the contact sheet for over two decades and has been particularly inspired by American cities, architecture and landscapes.