White Album

Hardcover, Fadenbindung
Format: 30 cm x 30 cm
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Bernd Uhde's search for traces in landscapes of silence. An impressionistic shimmering of dark dots in front of a bright expanse. Pattern of scattered characters and feathery braids on a white background. Horizontal and vertical bands that form a constructive composition in the white field. A white frame in which another white space extends like a blank canvas.

On closer inspection, the abstractions are filled with representational content: birds have left the finest imprints on a snow-covered field, condensing into a whirling pattern in a white sphere. Brown and green streaks across a snowy pasture. Winter trees produce branching ornaments. And a swimming pool filled with snow becomes a monochrome painting - a "frame without a picture".

The landscapes and urban terrains cultivated by humans, which he captures with the camera hovering vertically from above at a height of between a hundred and a thousand meters, are "readymades", visual finds whose aesthetic potential is enhanced by the distant view is only released and reveals itself.

Uhde is like a researcher on a journey of discovery, but at the same time someone who looks at the world far below with the eyes of a painter. As a matter of principle, he only explores landscapes in his own surroundings: areas that are well known to him, but which, seen from the air, lose their familiarity and concreteness. For all the local tying of his pictorial worlds, the scenes captured by Uhde hardly provide any information about their local anchoring.