Das Land des Lächelns

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The 80s are not that long ago, but optically a lot has changed.

The black and white photographs show everyday life in a West German province. These pictures were taken in the early 1980s in Ostwestfalen-Lippe, specifically in its cities of Bielefeld, Detmold, Herford, Gütersloh and Paderborn. Also in the woods and fields somewhere in between; nevertheless, this kind of photographic approach falls into the genre of street photography. So we see the stage of everyday life; in addition, motifs that arose on the fringes of local spectacles appear.

About the photographer:
Martin Langer studied photography design in Bielefeld in the 80s. Since then he has been working from Hamburg as a photographer on political and social issues. His highly acclaimed photos such as B. the man with Germany jersey, Hitler salute and urine-stained trousers (Rostock '92) are icons of post-war photography and can be found in important collections and museums. He received numerous prizes and awards for his satirical and funny pictures of everyday life; his work has also been in the stock of the Deutsche Fotothek since 2020.