Joseph Carlson

Schwarz. Wald. Weiß.

Format: 32,5 cm x 22,6 cm
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Black Forest and white – the artist Joseph Carlson shows us in his new book Black.Forest.White how naturally this goes together and makes sense. He has tracked down the white of this mountain region with his camera and gives us insights into the essence of a phenomenon that is more than just colour. In the many years that the artist has been living in the Black Forest, during which he drives through the solitude of the forest on his daily routes, he has come close to white, or white to him.

That didn't let him and his camera rest. So he follows the photographic cycle "Schwarz.Wald.Land.", the hymn to the color black published in 2017, with the necessary equivalent, the cycle "Schwarz.Wald.Weiß."

Joseph Carlson is an artist who paints with the camera. With the color white he finds a way to explore the phenomenon of the Black Forest and, opening this book, offers us a continuation of the previous one. He lets us experience this landscape even more contemplatively and meditatively.

Let's follow Joseph Carlson into the forest that constantly inspires him: the "White Forest".

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