Thomas Kellner / Rolf Sachsse

Tango Metropolis

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The photographer and scientist Rolf Sachsse has written a fascinating text in the new catalog about the series by Thomas Kellner, Tango Metropolis. Using various means, Thomas Kellner has created a series about the world's most famous monuments. Everyone already knows these monuments worth seeing, but photo artist offers the public to rediscover them through his camera and his work. This portfolio consists of deconstructed images that, according to Rolf Sachsse, are part of Mannerism and Cubism. Mannerism is, in his opinion, Thomas Kellner's first influence, because it transforms modern elements that surround us into a work of art without merely depicting them. In fact, Thomas Kellner has deconstructed every cliché in order to rearrange it according to his ideas.

About the artist:
Thomas Kellner (Bonn 1966) is a German photographic artist , known for his photographs of dancing buildings and interiors from around the world. For more than two decades, Kellner has been exploring the artistic possibilities of the contact sheet and has been particularly inspired by American cities, architecture and landscapes.